“Liz’s English class is the best one I have ever experienced because she always teaches me the correct English pronunciation and way of speaking. I think her way of teaching English is easy to understand for Japanese, especially accent reduction. Learning accent reduction has me improve not only my speaking skill but also my listening skill.”
-T.O., Adult ESL Student

“日本で、趣味の程度での勉強はしていましたので、ある程度の英語は出来るものと 思っていました。ところが、現実は厳しくて、英語が聞き取れない! 言いたいことが 伝わらない!  そして、私は若くない! 縁があって、先生のレッスンを受けることに なりました。先生として、さらに上を目指して、いろいろと勉強されておられますし、間違いは、必ず何回でも直し、伝わる英語を、こちらが緊張しないように教えて下さい ます。何よりも、先生のお人柄が伝わる、楽しいレッスンです。”
–K.S., Adult ESL Student

–T.O., Japanese Businessman in Atlanta, private and small group student

"I thought I would be able to understand English good enough since I had studied English in Japan a bit. However, the reality was totally different! I couldn't catch what American people were saying and they couldn’t understand what I mean to say. Also I thought I was not young enough to catch everything! At that time, I was lucky to meet Ms. Bigler. She is not just a good teacher; she keeps studying and studying to become a better teacher. She always corrects my mistakes and she shows me the ways that can be understood by native people. I don't need to be nervous, because she always makes her lessons fun, the way she is!"

"When you talk to American people, they never correct your English unless they don't understand. Even though you make some mistakes and it is not natural, they don't care about it. However, Liz always writes notes while we talk, and she lets me think about where my mistakes were every 10 minutes or so. In order to be closer to be native (and avoiding "Broken English"), it is very important for us to know where we make mistakes. Liz’s lesson is always easy-going and so helpful for me."

–Y.B., Japanese Housewife of Businessman, private student

"My children and I all took Ms. Bigler’s lessons for the whole 3 years we lived in Atlanta. Each lesson was very flexible for each student’s need, and she customized the lesson for what the students’ goal was. For example, my lesson was mainly conversation lesson, and my children’s lessons were geared to what they needed for school. They helped us to learn English in the best way. Ms. Bigler also offered some seasonal activities (like Easter, Halloween, and Christmas special events and lessons), and I really enjoyed that. She taught not only “English” but also about America and the things that are not in any textbook. I really appreciated that!"
–M.K., Japanese student

アトランタ在住の3年半、親子共にビグラー先生のレッスンを受けていました。先生のレッスンは、それぞれの希望や目標等に合わせて下さったので、私は会話中心、子供は学校の授業に合わせた内容で、とても良かったです。 季節のイベントではアクティビティ等もあり、楽しかったです。英語の勉強だけでなく、アメリカの事や、テキストには載っていない事もいろいろ教えていただき、感謝しています。

“Ms. Bigler’s presentations were stimulating and relevant. Her dedication to TESOL was inspiring.”
–Student of TESOL certificate program at Kennesaw State University

–Student of TESOL certificate program at Kennesaw State University

“I would recommend any course taught by Liz Bigler. The program is well designed and Liz is one of the very best teachers I’ve ever had!”
–Student of TESOL certificate program at KSU

–Student of TESOL certificate program at KSU

“Ms. Bigler’s instruction and group management techniques are impressive. She got the students involved.”
–Student of TESOL certificate program at KSU

–Student of TESOL certificate program at KSU

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