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Bigler ESL specializes in the pronunciation problems of Japanese people (though we can improve anyone's understandability).

Can you say, or even hear, the difference between "feel" and "fear," or between "lap" and "rap?" How about between "work" and "walk?" Or between "bug," "bag," and "bog?" We use fun and revealing techniques to really help you hear and say these words differently!

Liz Bigler has studied many different models of teaching pronunciation, and implemented them all for a system that really works. She has completed programs in teaching pronunciation to ESL speakers from the University of Georgia, the PESL Method of Accent and Pronunciation Instruction, and the Color Vowel Chart method.

Learning about American English pronunciation not only helps your own understandibility; it helps you understand natural American speech! We also offer a free sample speech evaluation, to help you identify what you need help with! Contact Bigler ESL for pricing, more information, or to schedule a free consultation.

I have been studying English since I was a Junior high school student in Japan. When I came to USA 4 years ago, I was shocked because I couldn't understand what Americans had said and they didn't understand what I had said often. I practiced to pronounce English by myself, but I couldn't improve it well for a long time. As you know, Japanese and English are completely different languages, so it's hard for Japanese people to pronounce English correctly. I decided to take the Pronunciation Class. I really enjoyed taking the class every time. I didn't know how to pronounce English clearly before I took this class. This class was very useful for me. My classmates always encouraged me. I appreciate them and my teacher. Of course, I will keep practicing about it. I would like to recommend this class to many people who want to improve it like me.
Madoka Aoyama


“Liz’s English class is the best one I have ever experienced because she always teaches me the correct English pronunciation and way of speaking. I think her way of teaching English is easy to understand for Japanese, especially accent reduction. Learning accent reduction has me improve not only my speaking skill but also my listening skill.”
-T.O., Adult ESL Student

“日本で、趣味の程度での勉強はしていましたので、ある程度の英語は出来るものと 思っていました。ところが、現実は厳しくて、英語が聞き取れない! 言いたいことが 伝わらない!  そして、私は若くない! 縁があって、先生のレッスンを受けることに なりました。先生として、さらに上を目指して、いろいろと勉強されておられますし、間違いは、必ず何回でも直し、伝わる英語を、こちらが緊張しないように教えて下さい ます。何よりも、先生のお人柄が伝わる、楽しいレッスンです。”
-K.S., Adult ESL Student

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